Holy Smokes! Zillow emails me to tell me my house is worth MORE this month!

Zillow – the home valuation website – emails me regularly to tell me about the values of homes I “claimed” either as a listing agent, or as the owner.  Month after month, I receive cheery emails about how my home has lost some more value.


Check it out!

This month, the system has decided that my house has rebounded a bit.

This is a bit weird, too, since one of my neighbors’ sales just closed.  And the sale price wasn’t pretty.

I think if you read the fine print on the Zillow website, however, they only use properties that are currently for sale in their calculations.

** Correction – Drew from Zillow writes in comments below:

we calculate zestimates on 65 million homes across the country and definitely don’t only use properties currently for sale in those calculations.

I have to thank one of my neighbors for listing for $899,999 – I think.

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