Chi Che Wang Park advisory committee meeting held last night

On Thursday evening, the Chicago Park district held the third meeting to solicit input from area residents regarding the development of Chi Che Wang Park – located just north of Diversey at Wolfram and Hermitage.

The Park District’s final plans were revealed, and a final round of input on a few details was taken from the crowd of residents.

The meeting was the most well-attended of all meetings.  Many thanks to Diversey resident Adam Cole for getting the word out to nearly 200 area residents.  There were approximately 50 people in attendance last evening.

The layout of the park was pretty well set after the last meeting.  At this meeting, representatives from the Park District sought input on a few final issues:

  • Where residents would like to have a couple extra gate entrances into the park?
  • Children’s play area as originally designed?  Or larger?
  • What kinds of play equipment and its color scheme?
  • Would residents like to keep the park restricted – prohibiting dogs altogether? 

Chi Che Wang Park 002 copy

Above:  the children’s play area as originally designed.  Below:  the children’s play area expanded.  In the version below, the children’s play area is expanded by 25%, but only reduces the amount of open space in the entire park by 2%.

(For comparison, the play area in the small park is larger than the play area in the Hartland Park play area located in Hartland Park across Diversey behind the Regal Lofts.)

In the version below, the open space on the left side of the park is reduced by ten feet in width.  But still at 50′ wide rather than 60′ fee wide, residents felt this was plenty.

Overwhelmingly, residents voted for the expanded children play area.

Chi Che Wang Park 001 copy

A vote was taken on the color scheme for play equipment.  Residents overwhelmingly favored a natural colored theme rather than a brightly colored theme.

There will be an activity set as pictured below, a swing set as shown below, and three sculptural pieces in the play area.  The activity set shown below is also an example of the natural color scheme selected buy the residents.

Chi Che Wang Park 004 copy

A couple questions answered by the Park District:

There cannot be a water feature in the park.  The infrastructure and the feature would add $350,000 to the cost of the park.  There is no money for a water feature in the $500,000 budget for the construction phase.

Two lights will be installed along the walkway from Diversey along the Metra tracks.  No other lighting will be installed in the park.

Chi Che Wang Park 003 copy

The Park District officials took a vote of attendees to ask the opinion of everyone whether they would like to keep the restriction against dogs being allowed in the park.  The room overwhelmingly voted to keep dogs prohibited from entering the park.

On a personal note:

I know of at least eight households that I am friends with that have dogs and have expressed that they have feelings ranging from disappointment to outrage that dogs are prohibited from the park, currently, and now will be prohibited after the renovation is complete.

  • To my neighbor who will complain non-stop for a full 30 minutes at a crack when I see you on the sidewalk, but have never come to a single community meeting in the entire time we have been neighbors,
  • To my neighbor who came home just in time for the meeting and we spoke in the driveway, but you went upstairs to watch TV instead,
  • To my neighbor who would rather hang out in a bar instead of showing up and raising your hand in the air – without a glass in it for a change,
  • To my neighbor who spends more time composing long diatribe emails to me after every meeting that you miss than you would have spent at the meeting itself,
  • To my neighbor who has no kids but has a dog, yet never enough time to come to a meeting even though there were dozens of residents who have families at the meeting,

Thanks for all your help.  You all got just what you deserved.

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