How not to stage an apartment… Thanks Curbed NY

OMG I’m not normally one to just borrow a post in its entirety, but this is just too crazy to be true.  The guys over at Curbed NY posted this great pictorial on “How Not to Stage an Apartment: Our Easy 10-Step Guide!

From the post:

Look, we’re not the type of people who consider staging to be the be-all and end-all when it comes to marketing an apartment. Buyers and renters are bringing their own pile of crap into their new homes, so they shouldn’t be turned off if a place they’re looking at has an ugly coffee table or isn’t in pristine condition. Still, there are some guidelines one should follow when trying to, for example, rent out an Upper West Side penthouse for $12,950 per month.

Follow the link. You gotta see the pictures.

While everyone is giving tips on what to do to stage your property for sale, perhaps it’s easier if we just show you, in a few simple photos, what NOT to do.

Love it!