Before and after. Seen in St. Ben’s

Your Guide has been watching the transformation of this modest six-unit apartment building located on the corner of Grace and Bell into what I think is a very tall, but very shallow, single family home.


Lakeview Seen 12-2-10 006


Lakeview Seen 12-2-10 012

This is quite interesting, as above I described the house as “shallow.”  What is now a magnificent “Front” is actually what was the side of the apartment building.  As the structure sits on a lot that was 30 feet wide, the renovated house is only approximately 25 feet “deep.”  That’s about one room deep so every room in the house has to be “next to” the next room.  There’s no going “back” in this house.

I’m intrigued and would love to see the floor plan inside!

Lakeview Seen 12-2-10 010

Caveat: the “Before” photo is actually a picture of a different apartment building across the street. However the original was a dead ringer for it.