Can we change the time?

I get asked this question frequently by my sellers that have schedule conflicts throughout the daylight-savings-timeday whether they have children that take naps or are coming or going from school, or pets that need pet-sitters.

In many of these instances, our appointment is not with a buyer that is under my control, rather, it’s a Realtor booking a tour with his or her clients. Realtors often book their showings in Chicago every 15 minutes or so. Although I am perfectly happy to give a call or send the email with the schedule change request, if the other Realtor’s schedule is already confirmed, or their direction of travel does not permit the back-travel, we risk losing the appointment.

It’s a wise seller that will work with these requests as our showings are precious. I always want to be absolutely certain that my sellers want me to make the call or send the email which might risk the showing. I always strongly recommending that we be as accommodating as possible.