Creative ideas for stalled development sites

Your Guide has a friend whose office overlooks the “Giant Spire Hole” located just off Lake Shore Drive on the Chicago River.  Let’s call my friend “TL.”  TL sent me this link to a story out of New York where an artist proposes encasing stalled developments in giant icebergs. 


An international design firm with offices on four continents has come up with a cool fix for the plethora of unsightly stalled building sites that dot the city’s landscape.

Woods Bagot New York is proposing filling each with an "iceberg," 100% recyclable structures that would serve as sort of architectural placeholders while developers struggle to regroup and restart their projects. The angular bright-white structures—which resemble the one that did in the HMS Titanic—are designed for quick and easy assembly and disassembly, once the real estate market revives. The iceberg interiors are seen as ideal for either retail or entertainment use.

According to Woods Bagot New York Principal Jeff Holmes, the inspiration for turning eyesores into something attractive came about from seeing so many stalled sites during his daily commute from Penn Station to the firm’s former office in the Garment District.

My friend TL suggests something just as creative for the “Spire Hole”


The Giant Navy Pier Trampoline!  Can you just imagine the crowds and the delight brought to the hordes of tourists at Navy Pier? 

big trampoline

Heck, if the giant helium balloon can become such a popular attraction, who know the potential for the Giant Spire Bounce (I really should Trademark this!)

Navi Pier Balloon