Two great articles on the proposed development along Clark & Addison in Wrigleyville

Blair Kamin, architecture critic at the Chicago Tribune posted two great articles on the proposed development at the corner of Clark & Addison across the street from Wrigley field.  The new development is known as Addison Park on Clark.

Addison Park on Clark

From the May 22, 2010, article (and link)

Thousands of people are getting all steamed up about a controversial plan for an eight-story hotel, apartment and retail complex across the street from Wrigley Field. On Facebook, a group called “People Against the ‘Malling of Wrigleyville’ “ is sounding the alarm, as if big-box retailers and a mall named “Cubby World” were about to set up shop at the corner of Clark and Addison, right across the street from the Friendly Confines.

And from the June 16, 2010, article (and link)

The design calls for tearing down a variety of funky low-rise buildings designed by different architects in different styles at different times. It would replace them with one large structure designed in one style by one architect at the same time. That’s why the version that raised such a ruckus last month, with its flat and featureless walls of brick marching down Clark and Addison Streets (above), seemed mall-like even if it wasn’t really proposing to construct a mall.

Check out the articles to see what’s in the works for these parcels right in the heart of Lakeview/Wrigleyville.