Find Chicago Public School boundaries

One of the most regularly asked questions of Your Guide seems to be about the boundaries for some of Chicago’s more popular schools.  Most writers want to know the exact boundaries or streets for a Chicago Public School.  I’m surprised that the questions gets asked as often as it does, since the Chicago Public Schools offers a website that offers a great way to search for a school.

Head over to the Chicago Public Schools Locator Website at: 

From there, you can pick a school by name, and view the street boundaries on a map.


Or you can input a property address and ask the system for the schools that serve that address.  This is a great tool to use if you – as a buyer – are thinking about a particular house, and are curious about the schools that serve the family that lives in that property.

ScreenShot060 (2)

As I said before, I’m amazed that this question gets answered as often as it does, as a simple Google Search with the words “chicago public school boundaries” returns the best result first in the list of results!