Ten Garage Cleaning Tips

It’s finally Springtime in Chicago.  But Festival Season hasn’t started yet.  You relaxed all last weekend.  You went out and enjoyed the weekend before.  Now it’s time to get some housework done. 

Messy garage

If you’re like a lot of Chicagoans, your garage is an extension of your home.  You come and go through the garage ten times a day.  You might not even remember what the front of your house looks like anymore.  But with a winter’s worth of accumulated sludge from the cars, boots and dog paws, your garage floor is a mud pit.

Here’s your top tips for cleaning out the garage from short and sweet to sublimely satisfying.

Short & Sweet

1. Move the cars.

2. Pull up the rugs, mats & stop blocks

3. Quick sweep.

You should be able to accomplish short and sweet in under 45 minutes.

Worthy of Spring Cleaning fame

In addition to the above, add:

4. Remove everything from the floor and move all the belongings outside.

5. Sweep the newly exposed corners.

6. Get rid of the cobwebs in the corners.

Budget your time accordingly: this will take a couple extra hours.

Make Mom Proud

In addition to the above, add:

7. Hose or power-wash the floor.

8. Wash the mud-spatters off the walls

Add another hour or 2 for the washing and some drying time before you can move your stuff back inside.

For the Truly Obsessed

After the floors and the walls are dry from washing and using the hose:

9. Touch up (or fully) paint the walls with a fresh coat of paint.

10. Add a coating of Garage Floor Epoxy for a durable, shiny, finished appearance to your garage floor that will resist stains and brighten the room. (Step-by-step guide at This Old House.)

This project will take at least an extra day.  If you’re VERY organized, you can get the first coat of epoxy down during the afternoon of the first day, and add the final coats on day 2.  But plan for this job to take THREE days.  In any case, you won’t be able to move your belongings back inside your own garage until the third or fourth day, as the floor will still be wet for 24 hours after the final application of epoxy and paint.

Clean Garage