Cook County Tax Bills hit your mailbox this week

taxes Residents in Chicago and Cook County should be on the lookout for their Property Tax Bills this week.  Your Guide’s arrived yesterday.

Normally your first installment tax bill is half of last year’s bill.  Not so, this year.  Check out a friend’s Facebook status update:

Sneaky State of Illinois. First installment property taxes are out and the State decided that the first installment should be 55% of last years total and not the 50% it has been for decades. I’m sure they just accidentally forgot to publicize that. Spineless, sneaky bums – throw them all out this election!

From the Sun Times article:

Get ready to dig a little deeper, Cook County homeowners.

Under a new state law, you’ll be forced to pay slightly more of your property tax bill up front so county agencies, municipalities, school districts and other local governments can improve their bottom lines.

Sweet.  Illinois Tax Payers have to send along more money up-front so taxing bodies can have more money sooner, all while the State of Illinois is more than six-months behind in paying it’s bills. 

Homeowners that have their taxes paid from escrows should check the status of their tax bills.  You can do so at the Cook County Treasurer’s website at