Nice to know the scrooges in the banks aren’t slowing down for the Holidays


Your Guide performs BPO’s.  Also known as Broker Price Opinions – these are like mini-appraisals that are ordered by big mortgage servicing companies on behalf of banks.  Banks order BPO’s on properties in various stages of pre-foreclosure or foreclosure.  The volume of requests has been slow, but steady over the last 3 months.

Until Yesterday.

I have received 9 orders for BPO’s in the last 24 hours.  And the system that doles out these BPO’s has a large stable of other providers that automatically receive their assignments.  I only receive the requests after the automated system runs out of options with the other agents with more seniority.

Keeping in the Holiday Spirit, the firm is also demanding that these BPO’s be completed by December 26th.

That’s not gonna happen…