Monthly cheer from Zillow: $1,500 Holiday Bonus

Each month Zillow emails me to tell me how much my house is worth.  I write about it each time so we can all live the dream.  (All the articles here.)

I’m delighted to receive this Holiday Bonus in my email this morning:

Zillow 12-15-09

Slowly but surely I am making up the mid-crash price drop.  If one of my neighbors’ units eventually closes, this could possibly shoot up even more. 

 Zillow 12-15-09 (2)

It’s interesting to watch the ragged edged estimate for my house sort-of mirror the ups and downs of the surrounding Lakeview neighborhood.  Finally some of these reports show some consistency.

Zillow 12-15-09 (3) 

Let’s see if Zillow agrees with my research:

Market Report 12-12-09

The entire Lakeview neighborhood includes zip codes 60657 and 60613.  The graphs above disagree with the Zillow reports, but they include the 60613 zip codes that the Zillow reports don’t.  60657 is the south half of Lakeview right next to Lincoln Park.  Well, it’s true what they say about “location, location, location.”