For you Association Officers – more Chicago snow related information: First Snowfall; Snow totals by date

Thanks to Tom Skilling at WGN and the Trib for publishing this great chart on some more snow stats.  This is like gold for you association officers who are trying to budget for snow removal each year.  Check out this earlier post on average snowfalls for a typical Chicago Winter.

Update in January, 2010:

Snow 001

Earliest snow fall: October 12, 2006

Average first snow: November 16

Latest: December 16, 1965

So it appears that with our first accumulating snow fall on December 9, we are a bit late.  See, you’re saving money already.

I love the bottom chart with averages for cumulative snow totals by certain dates.

5 inches:  Average by December 19

10 inches: Average by January 7

15 inches: Average by January 20

20 inches: Average by February 3

25 inches and above: the averages start to drop off as a quarter or more winters don’t even receive that much snow.