Cook County Tax bills for 2nd installment 2008 are at the printer. Look for your bill in the mail in a week.

Your Guide hears that the Cook County tax bills are being printed this week and should hit taxpayers mail boxes next week.  These are the second installment for 2008 bills.  Your Guide hears that these bills will be due and payable on December 1.

Remember that you can check the status of your tax bill at the Cook County Treasurer’s office at  Do a search for “Payment Status.”  Some reasons why you should check this yourself include:

  • Make sure your lender paid your taxes if your mortgage has a tax escrow.
  • Check your address and make sure your mailing address and name are correctly listed.
  • Check your exemptions to see that you are getting proper credit for the Home Owner’s Exemption, the Senior Citizen Exemption or other tax exemption.
  • Look for any old balances you or your lender may have overlooked.

If you are a home owner in a new construction home, you might not have received a tax bill before.  If it’s about time for you to get your very first tax bill, you can search out your Property Index Number (PIN) at the Cook County Assessor’s office at Do a search “By Address.”

It appears most experts are predicting a 4% increase in those tax bills.  Considering that your home is probably worth less than it was a year ago, remember this clever trick in Cook County…

The County figures out how much money it wants, first.  And then divides the grand total amongst property owners based on the inscrutable tax formulas published at the Cook County Assessor’s office.  So even if values of homes in your neighborhood have plummeted, your share of the taxes has probably stayed the same.

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