Still more Townhomes

Your guide is launching a specialty website for Townhomes here in Chicago in the hopes of becoming the Townhome King of Chicago.  And no, it seems I can’t be – some other dude beat me to it.  But nonetheless, we perservere and are proud to launch (with a few bugs):!

It’s 95% there.  And the remainder should be up and running within a week.

And so in honor of Townhomes, let’s launch Townhome week (or at least several days) with some Townhome topics near and dear to my heart.

Townhome differentiation

Townhomes throughout Chicagoland fall into four easily recognizable categories. We will strive to label townhomes here at with the same convention.


Value oriented townhomes still offer the great floor plans that you’ll find in the nicer image townhomes. The fits and finishes will simply be more basic and the homes themselves will be located in less expensive areas. Some aspects of construction are not as sturdy or solid as townhomes built for sale from the start. Therefore, residents may notice more noise, and higher utility costs in value range townhomes. . Finishes will be basic with laminate countertops, plain appliances, wall to wall carpeting and standard bathroom flooring and tile. Parking will most likely be outdoors in an open parking lot.

There really aren’t that many value range townhomes in Chicago, but are much more prevalent in the Suburbs. Many were rental communities up until recently, and barely warranted mentioning but as many have been converted into condominiums, they are described here.


Standard townhomes are often found on outlying neighborhoods of Chicago that have only recently gained popularity. Examples include Ravenswood, Old Irving Park or Uptown. Standard townhomes also enjoy the benefits of more modern floor plans such as generous room sizes, eat-in kitchens, some basements and off-street parking. These townhomes will probably only have one bathroom for the bedrooms, perhaps an extra half bath on the living-room level as a guest bath, and outdoor rather than garage parking. Finishes will be basic with laminate countertops, plain appliances, wall to wall carpeting and standard bathroom flooring and tile. Lucky shoppers might find some hardwood floors.

Near Luxury

Near Luxury townhomes will span the age range discussed earlier throughout Chicago. In the vintage row-homes, differentiation between levels of quality will have much to do with whether the row-home has been renovated recently or not, and whether modern amenities and imagecontemporary finishes have been installed.

More modern examples of Near Luxury townhomes will be located in more desirable neighborhoods. Many would have been considered Luxury quality when new, but with the passage of time may be out-of-fashion. They will certainly afford modern floor plans with spacious rooms and good closet space. The inclusion of a master bedroom with attached bath is more prevalent in Near Luxury townhomes, but not always. It is also more likely that garage parking will be available, but not always.


Luxury townhomes will most frequently be constructed within the last ten years offering very desirable floor plans, gracious square footage and modern fits and finishes. A few may be vintage and those that are will have been renovated quite recently to include appropriate finishes, the additional bathrooms needed in a luxury home as modern utilities such as central heat and air conditioning.

Luxury townhomes are most appropriate in neighborhoods where it’s considered luxurious to live. Though some luxury townhomes can be found in outlying neighborhoods, they are mostly found in premium locales. Often Luxury townhome communities will feature some amenities such as a park, a playground, pool, tennis courts or clubhouse.

These floor plans will nearly always feature an attached garage, a third bedroom or den and multiple bathrooms including a master bedroom-bathroom suite. Décor will be modern with wood floors in appropriate finish and luxurious carpeting where installed. Kitchens in luxury townhomes will nearly always be finished with attractive cabinetry, granite or other luxury material counter-tops and up-to-date appliances.

Ultra Luxury

Ultra Luxury townhomes carry the theme of luxury to the extreme. Of course, these will be located in premium neighborhoods. The floor plans will be even more heavenly than Luxury Townhomes with extra spaces such as Media Rooms, Butler Pantries, extra garage spaces, imageand indoor/outdoor rooms. Some Ultra Luxury Townhomes have elevators, dumb-waiters and servants quarters. Finishes will be extraordinary. Gourmet kitchens will feature the most luxurious finishes, extra prep-sinks, multiple dishwashers, handcrafted cabinetry of the finest hardwoods, and extremely high-end appliances.

Ultra Luxury townhome communities may also offer some amenities such as a park, a playground, pool, tennis courts or clubhouse.