Refresh, Renew, Rejuvenate! In Real Life and in the Virtual World.

It’s fall cleanup time in Real Estate Land.  The landscapers are out in full force, and our paving project is finally underway after weeks of rain delays.


Evidence of the Fall Fix-Up are in evidence all over the city.  And in the Virtual World, as well.

Three major website overhauls are underway.  The team at @properties is nearly ready to pull the wraps off the new @properties website ( for the company.  Folks who have seen it say that it might be the best Brokerage website in the country.

In conjunction with the @properties overhaul, your guide will be releasing a new-and-improved (which currently is the same as I haven’t decided whether to move BOTH websites to the new format, or just one.  But once has made the change, I am thinking that will look silly by comparison.  Hmmm.  Perhaps another blog?

Coming Soon!


Your guide is also opening Chicago’s newest Specialty Shop for Townhomes – and Sharp-eyed readers might be able to sneak a preview by visiting the parked URL in the screen-cap above.  But when the finishing touches are finally in place, the new website will be open for business.