Real Estate in other parts of the world: Phil & Eric from Guadeloupe

Your guides are privileged to belong to a great travel club (actually, several) where we host people from all over the world, and are able to take advantage of others’ hospitality as well.

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We just dropped off Phillippe and Eric from Guadeloupe. Sainte Rose, French West Indies, Caribbean, to be exact.  Phillippe and Eric spent a couple days with us over the weekend, and will return to Chicago on October 1 for a few extra days in Chicago.  Phil_Eric_Guadalupe_garden

The guys are currently the caretakers for a lovely guest house in the jungle on the island – opposite side from the beaches. They restored this gorgeous plantation built in the 1940’s into a Bed & Breakfast along with Rum Distillery.   Along with the guest house, there are a couple cottages, and a larger apartment on the property for guests.  Vacations as well as long term rentals are available.

We didn’t have the chance to really get into what this kind of gig pays.  But when they’re back, you can bet we’ll be getting nosy all up in their business to see what’s what.

Of course, this begs the question:  What in the world are we doing in Chicago when the simple life in the Caribbean beckons?  I think we have the necessary real estate and marketing experience to make a solid run at Property Management in the Caribbean, don’t you?

I think we’re going to need some instruction on Rum Distilling.  But you can probably gather that we’re willing to learn…