Hartland Park’s playground locks its gate on outsiders

Hartland Park (14)

The Sun Times reports this morning on the problems over at Hartland Park and the playground that has been a popular destination with neighborhood residents.

As part of its agreement with the City of Chicago when the project was approved for development, the builder was supposed to build a one-acre park, and then turn the park over to the Chicago Park District.

But the developer, Belgravia Group, seems to have not built the community streets and sidewalks to city standards.  Namely, the curbs are not Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.  So the City of Chicago has refused to take control of the streets.

This leaves the park at Hartland Park accessible only by way of private roadways.  The Chicago Park District says it can’t have a Chicago Park that is accessible only by way of private property. 

Belgravia Group, the developer, points the finger at the City of Chicago, which changed the standards for streets, curbs and sidewalks mid-way through the construction of the community.  The developer maintains that they built the community to the standards in place at the time the plans were filed at City Hall, and the plans that were approved by the City of Chicago.

Meanwhile, the Home Owner’s Association says that they will have to put locks on the gate to the park, and signs posted telling outsiders that they’re no longer welcome at the park. 

Sounds like quite a morass over at Hartland Park.  Your guide hopes that they get this straightened out as the new park is a draw to families as far away as where we live in Wellington Park.  Out here in West Lakeview/West Lincoln Park, new facilities such as these are sorely lacking.

And don’t get me started on the lack of progress over at Chi Che Wang Park nearby…

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