Nothin’ juicy ever happens in Chicago Real Estate…

Just about a year ago was when I last posted something juicy here on the blog.  I admitted my Guilty Pleasure of watching Real Estate Celbreality TV on Bravo in the form of Flipping Out and Million Dollar Listing.

I read today with a hint of Schadenfreaude the downfall of one of the stars from Million Dollar Listing over on The Real Estalker’s blog:

Your Mama Hears…

…from Candy Catoutofthebag that the pending civil trial brought against Beverly Hills real estate agent Josh Flagg for an alleged art heist has been put on hold to make way for an investigation by the City Attorney and the FBI. That’s right, the FBI. Your Mama did a little investigation of our own and managed to get the rumor affirmed by someone other that Miss Catoutofthebag who sits close to the situation and requested anonymity.image

The children will recall that young, scruffy and heavy-lidded Mister Flagg, who appeared on the second season of the Bravo’s real estate train wreck Million Dollar Listing, was accused of and publicly pilloried for allegedly stealing expensive artwork right out of a dee-luxe property owned by the estate of Marcia Israel that he had been hired to list and sale.

Certain items belonging to the estate–reported to include Jade sculptures and paintings by Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso–were indeed found in Mister Flagg’s possession and in fact several of the object in questions were reportedly photographed by an investigator through the windows of Mister Flagg’s Beverly Hills abode. At least some if not all of the artwork found in Mister Flagg’s possession have been returned to the estate of Miz Israel. Interstingly, at the time of his arrest Mister Flagg’s attorney claimed there was nothing to be done about the matter because any statute of limitations had done run out. Of course, we do not know a law book from a recipe but that does not sound to Your Mama like he was claiming his client is innocent.

Nothing juicy ever happens here in Chicago.  It would certainly make Real Estate blogging here in the Windy City more interesting, no?