Monthly Cheer from Zillow – D’Oh! Down another 4.1%

Each month Zillow emails me to tell me how much my house is worth.  I write about it each time so we can all live the dream.  (All the articles here.)

This month Zillow says my house is worth $24,000 less than last month.  And last month, the news wasn’t that pretty, either.  So my two month decline is $69,500.

Mind you, I think today’s Zestimate is the closest to the property’s actual value so far. 


Below, you can see it’s been quite a ride.  I wouldn’t say that values have fluctuated as dramatically as the graph would indicate, but since January, 2005, to today’s date, the start and end figures are actually pretty accurate.



Notwithstanding the jump in values that the system indicated starting in March/April of this year (and for reasons I still do not understand) the graph above seems to demonstrate pretty well what’s happening on the North Side of Chicago.  Certain zip codes holding their own, others with slight declines over the last 18 months.


Hey, What the Heck?!  A month ago, my house was a “Walker’s Paradise” and today, it’s simply “Very Walkable.”  Since a month ago, we didn’t lose any stores or restaurants.  And we even gained a dry cleaner!