Alderman Vi Daley (43rd, Lincoln Park) addresses the commercial trash container permit fees. Blowhard.

Giant Rat From an email distribution received by a regular reader from Alderman (Alderwoman) Vi Daley’s office:

As many of you already know, the City passed an ordinance requiring that private refuse containers be permitted.  I have been working with several aldermen and CDOT to limit the permit fee attached to this proposal.  The fee is intended to cover the city cost of inspection, rodent control and other oversight issues. 

I am happy to tell you that the fee will be reduced by approximately 35% from the original proposal.  The actual fee schedule will be brought to City Council for approval next week.  If your private hauler has already billed you for the original permit fee, be sure to contact them to determine how your account will be corrected.

Alderman – with all due respect – that is a crock of #(^%$&!.

The City of Chicago has actually skated on trash collection issues because in any building with more than 4 units, the owner of the property was required to get commercial trash hauling service, while at the same time – collecting for City Trash Removal on the property owners’ tax bill.

Then, the city required property owners to go through an onerous process to get their trash rebate.  Mind you, most owners never even bother with applying for their trash rebate because the process is so rigged.  And if by some miracle, you did get your trash rebate, it was several years in arrears.

Yes, the city taxed you for a service that they required you to buy separately.  And then, maybe, gave you your money back, in two years or so.

And the fee structure where every resident has their own private trash cart – at $80 or even the 35% off figure of $52 – times 110 units for my community is $5,720 to $8,800.  For what? 

The cost of inspection and oversight issues?

You mean so some fat-ass city inspector MIGHT swing his City of Chicago Crown Vic down the alley once a year to make sure our alley isn’t overflowing with garbage?  Yeah – like I will believe that’s gonna happen when that doesn’t even happen in alleys that the City is responsible for.

This is a money grab, and you know it.