Apple Computer picks North Ave, Halsted & Clybourn for new store. And other random stuff.


This site is the triangle of land located at North Avenue, Halsted Street and Clybourn.  A former BP/Amoco gas station was located here.  It’s a bit remarkable that a big retailer thought that the site was developable for a high-end, boutique computer store.  But this is the site of the new Apple store – as in computers.

(Gratuitous Simpson’s reference below)

Your guide recognizes that about a bazzillion cars drive past this location on a daily basis.  And that during the Christmas shopping season, navigating the streets around the Clybourn Retail Corridor is near insanity.  So we are collectively wondering – where are people going to park???

While walking back to the car from the new Apple site, I came across this lonely vision.  I call it “Popcorn, anyone?  ANYONE??”