Cafe Blossom in East Lakeview

Blossom Your guide just realized that he had posted a review of Cafe Blossom on Yelp! but neglected to include the info on this wonderful Sushi Restaurant on the Blog.  For shame – especially since I consider myself such a Lakeview-ian.

Cafe Blossom (Sakura is Blossom in Japanese) is our favorite Friday Night spot.  That might say too much about me rather than Cafe Blossom, however.

Cafe Blossom is located on Barry, a couple doors west of Broadway.  Now with the insane parking prices, you might even be able to find parking.  But it’s better to walk or ride bikes.

Everyone on Yelp is pretty much right on, but here’s the deal:

The freshest sushi in the neighborhood.  Always consistent.  Never had anything old, funky or not ready for prime-time.  I think we have probably eaten here close to 100 times, and never had a bad experience or a bad bite of food.

And it’s the best price in Chicago.  Period.

Sure, you can go down to Randolph Street and get bigger pieces of sushi that are just as fresh.  But at 4 x the price.

Two people eat for $44.  Four people eat for $100.  And that’s stuffed to the gills; not a couple pieces of fish and half a roll.  I’m talking about STUFFED.

I like the small restaurant ambience.  And I like bringing my own bottle of wine.  And the al-fresco season is coming!  The size of the restaurant doubles in Summertime with the addition of six tables outside on the sidewalk.  Heck, in Summer, you might not even need to call for a reservation.

So it’s perfect.  Please don’t go on Friday night?  It’s hard enough as it is to get a table!